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Getting Into Heaven--And Out Again epub

Getting Into Heaven--And Out Again epub

Getting Into Heaven--And Out Again.cAlbrecht H Gralle
Getting Into Heaven--And Out Again
Author: Albrecht H Gralle
Number of Pages: 112 pages
Published Date: 15 Jun 2012
Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780877853442
File Name: getting.into.heaven--and.out.again.pdf
Download Link: getting into heaven--and out again

Imagine that you've just died. An angel appears in front of you, ready to guide you to the next life. You say to him, "I want to go to heaven." His reply, "OK, let's go!" In this light-hearted tour of the afterlife, based on the writings of Swedish scientist-turned-seer Emanuel Swedenborg, Albrecht H. Gralle takes the reader on a tour of heaven, hell, and the spaces between. What is it like in heaven?What about hell?What happens to people who have suffered horribly in this life? How do we reconcile that suffering with the idea of an all-loving God?What happens to people who simply don't believe in anything beyond this world?What happens to the people who do?Is there sex in heaven?What about tea? During pauses in the tour, Gralle poses some hard-hitting questions about the nature of belief that speak directly to people who wonder how a modern, rational person can have faith in the absence of proof. The result is at once humorous and thought-provoking."

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